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I must admit complete ignorance about the aircraft showing here.  Sorry.

If you know anything about this or any of the other aircraft, please feel free to let me know, and I will add your information to these pages and give you credit if you want.

It looks like every person in this picture is wearing a hat.
The men all seem to be wearing suits and ties, some with overcoats.
The women are all wearing long dresses and coats, and carrying umbrellas.

Just over the wing of the plane, on the left side, there is a sign on the building behind the crowd that reads, "OXEN".

The structure on the left looks like a stable, so maybe this is a fairground, and this plane is giving rides.

There is a person's head with a leather helmet on it, just visible on the plane.

There is the man standing with his hand on the wooden propeller, probably ready to give it a spin.

There is also a man standing right beside the body of the plane, hidden from view by the engine and prop.

There is a man standing near the rear of the plane, slightly bent over, with his hand on one of the guy-wires going from the wing to the back end of the plane.

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