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I must admit complete ignorance about the aircraft showing here.  Sorry.

If you know anything about this or any of the other aircraft, please feel free to let me know, and I will add your information to these pages and give you credit if you want.

I'll try to describe the aircraft here, using the 92 MB scan that I made of the image I have.


The plane is flying from right-to-left.

It looks to be a single-prop version, although it might be a double-prop.

I can't clearly make out the elevator (canard?) on the front of the plane as it's partially hidden by the wing, but it looks to be a single wing. Again, it might be a double-wing.

On the near side of the picture, there are many men wearing straw hats and suits, and women wearing big hats and white ruffled blouses and long dresses. Several have umbrellas for shade from the sun. They are sitting on folding chairs that are placed on a raised walkway with some railings.

At the bottom-center of the image, there is a policeman standing with his hands behind his back, wearing his police helmet.

Along the left side of the picture, there are some people walking, and a couple of cars driving toward the other side of the airfield.

The far side of the airfield is lined with vehicles and people facing the camera.

The tower on that side looks to be around 15-feet tall with a flag on top of a mast that might be about 12-feet tall, and possibly a man is standing up there.

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