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It is possible that this image is connected with the previous "Balloon-01" image.

The signs hanging on the balloon on the left seem to read, "The Winner - Cocoa Bean Brand - Chocolate", and the sign below that reads, "OHIO".

The balloon in the sky has 2 signs on it, the top one reading (in part) "HANDLAN for PR..."???, and the lower one reading, "WEST.VA".
Now, it might say "President", but I can't get it cleared up enough to be sure.
I Googled the name "Handlan, West VA" and found that it is apparently a very important name in business and politics in that state.

Hanging below this balloon is a man sitting in a bosun's chair!
And that might be a folded up parachute just above his head!


There is an American flag atop the mast on the right.

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