Dust Brush Barber Shop

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Dust Brush Barber Shop
The barber on the right is holding a dust brush, hence, my name for the shop.

The poster on the left reads, "Redmund-Barry Co.".

The picture on the poster is of a well-dressed woman sitting, and a man standing behind her left shoulder, and is titled, "Cure for the Blues".

The bottom of the poster reads, "Sans Souci Garden, Monday, July 19".

The poster in the center is for the same event, and is mostly unreadable, but reads, "Playing with Fire", and "...Comedy Company" at the bottom beside the picture of a woman.

There is a man looking out the window between that and the next poster to the right, which is unreadable and has a man's portrait in the center.

The shop address is #57 (above the door).

There are "Cactus Balm" signs below the window.

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