Flagg's Hair Store

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Flagg's Hair Store
I believe this is the actual address of this establishment: 268 Westminster St., and 6 Arcade, Providence, R. I. ...from approximately 1870–1900!

The sign at the bottom-center of the window reads, "Ladies & Gents Wigs made to order".

Then, two examples of the products, and in front of that is a selection of small bottles (hair-oil?) and combs and brushes.

Behind that array is a "womannequin" wearing a long wig.

Next, to the right, the sign reads, "Sewing Machines of all kinds Repaired".

To the right, the sign reads, "Stamped Embroidery Done Here".

There is a sewing machine just above the shoulder of the man in the center.

The showcase holds several falls, and below that some beards, and at the bottom, a sewing machine.

At the base of the window, the sign reads, "NEW HOME", and above that it reads, "268", at each end, and "L.S. Andres." in the middle.

Could the man on the right be a prospective customer? (sorry, couldn't let it pass!)

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