Interior of a Barber Shop

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Interior Barber Shop
The man in the chair is ready for a shave, with cream on his face and neck.

There is a folded straight razor in the barber's pocket.

The shade is drawn over the window behind the barber.

In the corner of the room, at the top, is what looks like a 3-D display of a hand stirring a mug of shaving cream, that reads, "We Use Colgates".

Below that is a draped shelf with glass jars and boxes on it, with a small sign on the front edge that might read, "Zepp's Hair" (Zepp's Hair Dressing Tonic) and a "10" below that. Maybe it was actually "10¢" for use of the tonic.

Below that, on the counter, is an array of jars and bottles, all looking like hair and face oils.

On the mirror on the left, near the bottom, there is a paper stuck there that reads, "NOTICE". Maybe it is the barber's license.

The glass-front cabinet at the center of the counter is filled with shaving mugs and probably mug soap. That is a razor strop hanging just below the cabinet.

At the right of the image, there is another "Zepp's" sign that reads, "Zepp's for the Hair Applied Here"

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