Miner's Bar

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Miner's Bar - med.

The miner is holding a small pipe in his left hand, and he has a large knob
on the knuckle of his right hand.

The calendar above miners hat reads, "September, 1916".

The woman on that calendar is sitting on some large luggage, and the sign
behind her reads, "Michael Mosak", and below, "Olyphant, PA".

Below the calendar is a large pile of papers on a nail, above the cash register.

The keg to the right of the bartender reads, "LITTLEWOOD WHISKEY".

The calendar above the young boy behind the bar reads,
"WRIGLEY'S Spearmint, Juicy Fruit, Double-Mint, October 10, Tuesday".

Just to the left of him, there are 5 cigar boxes.

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