Dapper Lad with a Bike

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Dapper Lad with a Bike

This is a nice professional parlor photo, and I've spotted a few things that are puzzling me:
   1:  there is something under the lad's left arm that might be a posing brace, just not sure:


   2:  the bike has brake levers on the handlebars, and they seem to be connected to what looks like a steel flap on the lower rear edge of the front fender. I wonder if this is a scrubber-type braking system?
   3:  there are what appear to be 2 front wheel foot pegs, but they are not in a position to be useful. I'm thinking they are part of the posing stand for the bike and rider.


I would appreciate any feedback about these things:
I will give you credit and post your helpful info to clear up these mysteries!

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