Old Harley Under Wraps

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Old Harley Under Wraps - sm
I'm gonna go left to right here:

The crate on the left is upside-down, so here's a flipped pic of it...
I marked in yellow what I can make out on a greatly-enlarged high-res image:
There's a "3" at the top.
Below that is an arch of words, and I can olny make out what is marked there in yellow.
Below the arch are the words, "NEW YORK".

To the right of that crate is the larger crate that has carry-handles, and kind of looks like a crate for an upright piano, with a sloping front on it.
The side is clearly stencilled with "G.F.E. Co.".
I 'Googled' that and found this notation from a book titled "The Technical Index - A Descriptive Record of Current Technical Literature - April 1910":
(*sorry for the hand cursor in the pic*)
I'm going with this info that the building is the "General Fire Extinguishing Co., Providence, RI", due to the man reading "The Providence Daily Journal".

To the right, there are a number of large "cast iron fittings for sprinkling and fire extinguishing apparatus".

Now... we get to the Harley!
Yes, I'm an old biker from way back. I had a 1957 Harley XLH with a 1953 Model K racing frame. This was the precursor to the Sportster, but it had a 883cc engine.
That being said, I don't know anything about the Harley shown here, sorry.
This MIGHT be a 1924 Harley-Davidson JD, or something around there, judging from my Googling.
I actually do own 2 claxon horns (aka ahoogah horns) like the one attached to the handlebars here.

There is a large stack of wooden folding step ladders on the right of the pic.

Littered on the ground around the man, there appear to be a bunch of item tickets, about 3" x 5", with a string to attach them to something. There is also a bunch of what looks like sections of wiring harness and some small parts laying on the ground, some with those parts tags tied to them.

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