Old Indian 2-Seater Motorcycle

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Indian-2seat-01-sm     Indian-2seat-02-sm
Yes, here we have TWO pix of the same bike with different guys posing on it!

Like the 'Harley Under Wraps', I don't know what year or model this bike is, but it looks to be close to the same age - early 1900's.

Now, years ago, in the early 1970's I actually was outside the original Indian factory in Springfield, MA, and the building resembles the one in the pix. Maybe... ?

First, the pic on the left:
The rider is wearing his newsboy cap backwards to avoid blow-off, of course.
He's wearing his turtleneck jersey and his jeans are tucked into knee-high leather leggings.

So, there is a klaxon horn (ahoogah) on the handlebars. You can make out the push-button just forward of his right hand.
Behind the driver's seat, you can see the stationary handlebars for the passenger to hang on to.

Now, the pic on the right:
There are 2 riders now, demonstrating the utility of that 2nd seat and handlebars.
The rider has a cuff-clip on his left leg. I recall these things from my early days of riding my bike (Monark bicycle) with no chain guard, to keep my pant legs from getting caught in the chain. They were originally my Dad's, as he used to ride a completely stripped-down bicycle that had 28" wooden rims with tires that were shellacked to them, so he used the cuff-clips for the same reason. I think I still have a couple of them in a box in the garage! LOL

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