Easton, Massachusetts Fire Dept.

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Easton, MA Fire Dept.

The truck on the left is from the Easton, Massachusetts Fire Department.
There is a long hose nozzle on the rear bumper, pointing upwards.
There is a chrome knob in the center of the drivers seat, which I think
the bell lanyard is tied to so it won't blow around.

The truck on the right is from the North Easton, Massachusetts
Fire Department.
It is a jointed truck, with large wagon-style wheels in the rear.
The drive-wheels have snow-chains on the tires.
The luggage rack on top is full of fire-helmets and coats, etc.
Several of the ladders have "No. Easton FD" painted on the side rails.

There is a large dog laying on the stoop across the street,
just left of the headlight.

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