Mack Tower Truck Fire Engine -
     Boston, Massachusetts - 1940

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Mack Tower Truck Fire Engine - Boston, Massachusetts - 1930

Shot in 1940, Scollay Square, Boston, Massachusetts,
during a parade.

By the look of the shadow, it is around noontime.

The street is cobblestone.

The Front Drive Christie is also in the parade.

To the left of the truck is the New York Grill, selling
Pickwick Ale.

Also, The Hub Barbecue - "The King of Hot Pastromi"
selling Croft Ale.

Next is "Passport Photos" upstairs.

Then "Victors WAR SURPLUS" and
"M.Leventhal JEWELERS".

Next is the "RIALTO Theater" showing...
"South of Pago Pago" PLUS "Fighting Ranger".

Beside that is the Scollay Square Theater.

Across the street to the rear is The Half Dollar Bar
selling Pickwick Ale and Dawsons.

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