July 4th Buggy

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The reason I named this image "July 4th Buggy" is because of the American flags attached to the buggy roof, plus the whole family is dressed up for the occassion.

First on the left is Paw, dutifully holding "Old Nellie" still for the picture, while he's got his eyes on his Maw, and thinking about all that sippin' whiskey waiting at the town fair!

Next to Paw, is young sister Susie holding her favorite dolly, "Miss Patsy Cline" (...her "blonde years").

Next to Susie is older sister Sarah holding her favorite dolly, "Miss Dolly Parton", of course!

Then comes Granny, (Paw's Maw) thinking about her singing days and how maybe she could'a won a Grammy, so it would be "Granny's Grammy"!

Finally, there's Maw, looking off in the distance while she thinks about getting one o' them new fangled automatic washing tubs so she can have more time to beautify her hair...

Just visible between Granny and Maw, you can see 2 swing ropes tied to a branch of that tree beside the buggy.

The buggy whip is also visible right between these 2 ropes.

At the rear of the buggy you can see a sturdy post. There is a metal hook attached to it, and a piece of rope tied around the post just above that hook. It might be a gate post.

Legal Disclaimer:
The names, titles and attitudes of the people in this picture are completely fabricated by the silly old owner of this website, and in no way meant to be attributed to the real and unknown subjects herein, includin' the hoss and the dolls!

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