Ringling Bros. Elephants

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Ringling Bros. Elephants (possibly) being led to the circus grounds from the train.

Notice the zebras at the left of the image.

The men who are riding on the elephants are all wearing suits and hats!
    *...ahhh, SHOWBIZ!*

The circus wagons in the background are loaded onto flatbed railroad cars, and they are loaded with planks, boards and panels, probably used to "build" the circus displays, etc. for the show.

Near the center of the image, there is that boy wearing a white shirt. Forward of him there is that group of 5 boys who are staring towards their left. The boy at the front of that group has his hands on his hips.
Well, the elephant that is just forward of them and to their left, is busy doing it's "business", and the boys seem to be staring in awe at the resulting "mound" on the ground directly behind that elephant.  (...and, yes, in my 97 MB scan of the image, this "mound" is quite visible!)

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