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I am reasonably certain that this is the location of the image. I had made a note on the back of my print that read, "Funbridge Fair Parking Lot", which was probably the exact note from the negative sleeve. So Googling it brought me to the WikipediA - Tunbridge World's Fair page.

The Tunbridge World's Fair began in 1867 and has been held yearly for 145 years.
The first eight fairs were held in North Tunbridge, Vermont.
The Tunbridge World's Fair is an annual event held in mid-September in Tunbridge, Vermont.
The annual fair continues to this day with demonstrations of farming and agricultural traditions and culture, working antique displays, horse and ox pulling, horse racing, cattle and horse shows, junior exhibits, floral and 4-H exhibits, contra dancing, gymkhana (a gymkhana is an equestrian competition held to display the training and talents of horses and their riders, particularly in speed events.), and many free shows.

There are many different types of wagons visible here, and I don't know the names of the different types, sorry.
Here are a couple of links to lists of "carriage" types:
      Glossary of Carriages
      WikipediA: Horse-Drawn Vehicles

There are many horses harnessed to some of these wagons, and also many tethered to the heavy rails, as well.

There are also quite a few steer, cattle, & oxen in the picture as well.

The most distinct figure in the image, aside from the man near the bottom, who is walking towards the left, wearing a straw hat and long coat, is that horse "wearing" the plaid cover, near the center of the image.

Way in the background of the field, beyond the end of the 2 rows of low fence, there is a long row of stalls under a sloping roof. Most have a gate closing them off, but a couple are open. There is a woman wearing all black, and holding a large black umbrella standing in front of these stalls. I'm guessing there are livestock being shown in there.

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