Aeromarine Flying Boat Service

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I found this article dated August 1922:

The name on the side of the ship reads, "Aeromarine Flying Boat Service".

On the fuselage of each flying boat, it reads, "Aeromarine Airways"

On the top of each wing there is a vertical flap that reads, "Waldorf". I don't know if these flaps are for any control or just advertising.

The plane on the left has 2 men sitting at the front of the body, and the plane on the right has 1 man sitting there as well. There doesn't look to be any actual seating within the hull of the flying boats.

The large engine is sitting under the upper wing, and they have a rear-facing prop.

The barge to the rear of the left flying boat looks to be a crane of some sort. I can't make out the sign at the front of the upper cabin, but there is a "6" on the right side of the window (port?).

On the opposite shore, behind the flying boat on the right, there is a paddlewheel ferry. It might be the "Ft. Lauderdale", but I can't get the 223 MB scan file any clearer to be sure. It might be named "St. L...something".

Directly behind that center paddlewheeler, there is a large sign. I can only make out "...OLD DUST" or maybe "...ALD DUST". Pretty sure about the "DUST" part.
There used to be a "Gold Dust Cleanser". Introduced in 1889 by the Nathaniel Kellogg Fairbank Soap Company, Gold Dust washing powder was the first all purpose laundry powder made possible by employing hydrogenated vegetable oils in its processing, a procedure the company pioneered. (Thanks, Google!)

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