Boston 5 and 10 Cent Store

Boston 5 and 10 Cent Store
There is a table in front of the left window. It has a push-toy at the left end, made up of a box with 4 wheels and a long handle. There are 2 black cookpots to the right of that, and 2 black watering cans and 1 silver watering can just beside that dapper lad's elbow.

Inside the left window there are curtains hanging on the left, towels, bonnets, & hats hanging, and tableware, glasses, cooking utensils & trays at the bottom.

The large sign reads, "YOUR CHOICE FOR 10 CENTS".

That is a box of garden tools displayed in the doorway for 10-cents each.

The table in front of the right window is displaying 2 woven baskets with canned-goods, then 2 items that look like they might be for toasting bread slices (that could be completely wrong), and another woven basket filled with whisk-brushes.

There are more curtains and towels hanging in the right window. There are 2 bamboo umbrellas, several toy rifles stacked standing up for 25-cents, a calendar with a portrait of a man advertising "KERR'S" just above the basket on the right, and more dishes and bowls and a silver framed woman's portrait on the bottom.

There are 2 items near the front of that window which resemble a pair of shoe inserts with advertising on them, and with what resemble cloth wings.

The woman in the center of the doorway has a watch chain pinned about 1/2-way up the row of buttons and going into a pocket on her right hip.

Between her and the next woman on the right is an image of a man resembling W.C. Fields, which is behind the door. That may be a poster or a live person inside.

The woman at the right of the doorway is wearing a flowery hat, and has a pen at her right breast held on by what looks like an elastic strip sewn to her frock.

All three women seem to be wearing cameos at their necks.

The sign protruding over the sidewalk simply says, "5 & 10 Cent Store".

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