Bowles Brothers Silver Springs Beverages

Image was taken in Brockton, Massachusetts, 1924.

The window under the word "Bowles" has a sign that reads, "Fruits & Syrups - Moxie".

There are stacks of wooden beverage crates in this window.

The door behind the middle truck reads, "office".

The car on the right is a Ford, reg. #70618.

The two trucks have a medallion on the radiator cowl that looks like an "H" with wings., reg. #s B12322 and B12321.

Each vehicle has a driver sitting inside and a sticker on the windshield reading "YES BYGRAPO"

The man in the car (on the right) is wearing a suit and straw hat and eyeglasses.

The two drivers in the trucks are wearing what look like heavy work jackets.

There are 4 men standing in the doorway.

The building sign was painted by "Brockton Sign Co."

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