Carpenters Cash Grocery Store

Carpenters Cash Grocery Store
There are 3 wooden buckets hanging below the awning on the left side, with 3 shiny metal cans of some sort, probably for lamp oil. These each have a spout
on the top and a protruding handle on the lower-right side.

There are 4 woven baskets on a board sitting on 2 wooden barrels on the sidewalk. It looks like they are filled with potatos.

There is a tall pyramid of cans in the window behind the baskets, and 2 smaller piles of cans beside it, and a glass bottle between the left 2 pyramids.

The columns on either side of the door have curved signs that read, "#72, Carpenter Cash Grocery.".

There is what looks like a wooden barrel laying on its side on the sidewalk next to the stairs. It has a large horseshoe painted on the end, and the end cap reads, "NEW PROCESS" and "GOOD LUCK" (across the horseshoe, which, if it is truly for good luck, it should be open-end up, to keep the good luck from falling out!). I cannot make out anything else on that barrelhead.

In the right-hand window, there are stacks of what appear to be large sacks of flour. Some say "XXX" across the top, with a horseshoe on the bag, some say "CHOICE" across the top with a rooster below that.

There is a poster on the right of that window, with a woman wearing a shawl drawn up over her head, inside an upturned horseshoe. There is a small picture of some buildings in front of that.

There are 2 wooden barrels standing on the sidewalk on the right end of the window. There is a sticker on it that reads, "ASK ????? THURSTON & HALLS BUTTER CRACKERS".

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