F. Eugene Barker and Co. Hardware

F. Eugene Barker and Co. Hardware
The second floor is "Robinson's Law Office". In the second from the left window, there is a stack of books and papers.

At the left edge of the main floor, there is a "Yale Lock" key sign hanging under the "hardware" awning.

There is a tall stack of coiled hoses at the door, and a bundle of very long bamboo poles standing up.

On that left side doorframe, there is a coat hook, and below that is a tin sign that reads, "HO ????? & Co. Hardware".

There is a metal railing across all the windows of the store. At the left end of that rail, there is a device of some kind, hanging by wire or string. It has a heavy coil spring below the center. I'm guessing, but this may be a device to weigh loads by inverting it and hanging the central section from a scale.

There are 4 metal stands on the sidewalk beside that device. They each have a block of wood tied to the bottom of the shaft, which may be a music stand.

In that left window, above the rail, there is a sign inside that reads, "??? Matchless METAL POLISH".

There is a glass showcase inside that window that looks like it has a selection of knives and hand tools in it, as well as some packages. There is also what appears to be about 10 knives stuck down into a tray of some sort, sitting on top of that case.

The man on the left is holding a cigar. The man beside him is wearing a striped jacket.

The gas streetlamp reads, "Main St. - East Ave". There is a small sign up under the store sign overhang that reads, "East Ave.".

In the window behind the streetlamp, there appears to be a row of some kind of metal spools that have possibly belt material or something that looks about 2-inches wide, and there are possibly 20 or 30 of these reels of whatever it is on a common axle.

The man next to the streetlamp is wearing a houndstooth jacket and vest. He is holding a cigar in his right hand. The man to his right is wearing a striped jacket and vest, and is also holding a cigar in his right hand.

Behind these 2 men, there are 2 more of those metal stands with the wood blocks, and to the right of them, there is a wheeled stand with a coil of hose that may be about 2"-diameter.

Further to the right, there is a stack of 3 cylinders of some kind. It looks like they each have a coil of something inside that requires an axle through the cylinder so it can unwind, maybe wire. The cylinders look pretty sturdy, and are made to stack.

Next to those cylinders, there is a man in a straw hat and big mutton-chop sideburns, with his right arm leaning against the doorframe.

Next to him there are 3 large coils of (probably) rope of different sizes, 2 stacks of shovels, and above that, on 2 of the rope coils, is a sturdy canvas bag, and beside that a stack of 3 rows of long open boxes with another canvas bag on top.

Finally, there are some metal rakes, a couple of farm tools that look like hand plows, and a stack of scythes, with their long curved wooden handles. Hanging above these items, are some wooden rakes.

That is a cobblestone street.

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