Golrick and Cottrell Cheap Cash Store

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Golrick and Cottrell Cheap Cash Store
Golrick and Cottrell Cheap Cash Store
corner of 276 Atwells Avenue and Sutton Street,
Providence, Rhode Island

At the left, behind the guy with the bowler hat is a sign that reads, "Take home a bar of ??" ...and "Welco..."? ? soap, maybe?

Above that is a poster in the window that is very hard to read, but I think it says "Cerealin.." and a picture of a man or a woman in business attire - a hat and jacket.

To the right of that is a grouping of baskets hanging in a circular group.

Below the baskets is a sign that reads "coffee".

That looks like a folding chair, or maybe a washboard, sticking up in a stack of wooden washtubs, below the "coffee" sign, and several brooms beside that.

Above the doorway is the street number "276".

Below that, in the shadow of the doorway there is a woman wearing a hat, probably a customer with her 3 kids poking their heads into the picture.

At the bottom of the doorway are a couple of steps. One has a sign that is unreadable, but starts with an "H..." and ends with an "...AP"

To the right of the doorway is the "White Star Line" poster with a sailship image on it.

Just below that is another folding chair laying horizontally on top of a stack of wooden tubs, or maybe baskets.

In the next window to the right, there is a stack of large paper? sacks with printing on them, possibly the store name.

To the right of that stack, is a grouping of products. At the top of the pile are 5 "tins" of something that says "Beef" on the label, maybe beef oil??, and one glass jug with a white label. They are all sitting on 4 long boxes of something with an unreadable label, and all that is sitting on top of stack of boxes reading "Acme Tomatoes - E.S. Bucklin & Co.".

Below that window and outside, resting on the sidewalk is the poster, reading "White Star Line - Royal Mail Steamers - New York to Liverpool - Queenstown ..." mostly unreadable.

Above that is the "TEAS" sign.

To the right of that is a sign reading "Dr. J.W. Keefe (hand pointing to the right) office".

Below that a sign reads "Ivory Soap".

The angled window on the corner has a large display of "Kingsford's Starch" boxes sitting on some big boxes that say "Welcome" and more unreadable, and then more big bags stacked beyond that.

Below that window, there is a wooden pallet resting on the sidewalk and there are some large stone blocks set into the sidewalk. I'm guessing that this is a barrel chute or coal chute.

Around the corner is the sign reading "FLOUR", then "SOAP" and finally "COFFEE".

The next awning down Sutton St. has a small label that is probably an ad for the awning maker. I can't read it, but it looks like the address is in NY or NJ.

There is a woman walking under that awning.

Finally, at the extreme forefront, to the left of the streetlamp, there is a wooden post, probably an old hitching post.

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