Ideal Market - Cut Price Store

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Ideal Market - Cut Price Store
Main sign, "Cut Price Store - Ideal Market - Fruits & Vegetables".
The number "338" is on the curved sign on the corner.

The signs on the side of the truck seat read, "H.F. Gregoire.".
Next sign down (partly blocked by the horn) possibly reads, "Broadway.".
Below that, "Chelsea".
Below these painted signs, and what is possibly a brass sign reads, "Federal".
This is a Federal chain-drive truck.

There are a number of large portions of meat on the back of the truck. Apparently refrigeration was not necessary back then!   (joking, here)

The road is bricks or cobblestones.
Interesting note:
I just now (Oct. 22, 2015) used Google Earth and found the exact location of this image!

The address IS 338 Broadway at 4th Street, Chelsea, MA. (It is now a CVS Store)

Notice the apartment building on the right of the image?
Well, it is STILL there, and in the same condition as it was back when this picture was taken! Notice the 2 chimneys in the same position!

I used the "street view" in Google Earth, and - there it is!

(Google Earth imagery date - June, 2015)

*sigh* Now I guess I'll have to go looking for the rest of these locations!

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