The Johnson Co. - Clothes

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The Johnson Co. - Clothes
On the awning: "The Johnson Co. - Clothes, Hats, Furnishings".

In the left street-level window, it reads, "Quality Clothing".

Beneath that, there is a reflection of a sign from the business across the street that reads, "Goodyear Shoe Repairing Co.".

Below that, there are a number ot torso mannequins wearing suits, and each has a large price tag on it. I can read several that range from $15, $18, to $25.

The woman is wearing a plaid, pleated skirt, and has a watch fob hanging from her belt.

Next to her is a stack of large leather suitcases with rivets, leather straps and handles and probably a brass lock/latch. The sign hanging on the bottom says, "Trunks and Bags - Boston Prices". This leads me to believe this store is in the Providence, RI area.

Just below the center of the awning, there is a lamp hanging. Behind the bunting behind the lamp the street number is painted on a window, "230".

Below the lamp is the "Watch This Case" filled with golf-cap style caps. The sign in the middle of the case reads in part, "Stylish ???? Caps 69¢ ????".

The window on the right has a sign, "Economy Prices". Displayed here are pants, shirts priced from 59¢ to $1.00, ties priced at 25¢, coat sweaters - 79¢ (no clue what that might be at that price).

There is a reflection there from across the street that reads, "Ice Cream...".

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