Market Square Clothing House

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Market Squaare Clothing House
Sign above the rolled up awning reads, "Market Square Clothing House. H.Green, Prop.".

Second floor is a dentist office, "E.P. Small & Co. - Dentists".

At the left edge of the image, there is a man wearing a straw hat beneath an awning that has 6 straw hats hanging from it. There is a railing going downstairs into a barbershop. Inside that entrance is a striped "Cactus Balm" sign. There is a sign on the door there that reads, "Hair???", and a painting of a man's upper torso from the back, probably showing off his haircut.

There are 2 curved signs at the entrance of the clothing store, reading, "11 - H. Green - The Clothier.". Beside the left sign, there are what appear to be 2 crushable hats, similar to a sailor's hat.

The gas streetlamp has 2 water faucets and small bowls mounted on it, and the right one has what looks like a cup hanging on a chain below it.

The store window has a railing across it with men's pants draped over it and prices ranging from $2.50 to $3.50 on the tags.

Below the window is a sign that reads, "Henry Green, Clothing," and what looks like an "8c", but might stand for '& company', not sure. Below that it reads, "Gents Furnishings.".

This image is marked on the back as being at 11 Market Square, Providence, RI.
I must have found this out when I originally made the print.

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