Bay State Street Railway Loading Dock

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Bay State Street Railway Loading Dock 1      Bay State Street Railway Loading Dock 2
Yup! ...a two-fer!   (2 for the price of 1)

Here is how I discovered that these images were of a Bay State Street Railway Co. car at the loading dock...
It does read, "Bay State Street" on the side of the car!
The dark object on the left is the clipboard being held by the "Supervisor", I guess.

The company had damage from the Great Molasses Flood in 1919. When a giant tank holding over 2 million gallons of molasses collapsed in the North End
of Boston on Jan. 15, 1919, a wave of molasses flooded the surrounding streets, damaging property, killing 21 people and injuring 150. Part of the tank
smashed into the walls of the freight house of the Bay State Street Railway Co. with enough force to tear the structure apart.

These 2 pictures may very-well be at that freight house.

In image #2 there are 4 men working.
The Super has the clip board and is standing to the left of the rows of crates.
There is the man standing in the middle of the image, moving the crates along to the left,
a man on the right pushing a 2-wheeler with a crate on it,
and a man just inside the door of the car, with his arm on a crate and looking at the camera.

All of the crates are stamped with a large diamond with "MG - Italy" inside it.
There is a stamp near the bottom of the crates that reads, "Manufactured By Fred F. Field Company, Brockton, Mass. U.S.A."
I researched this company name and found that it was located in Brockton, Mass., and also was a company known as "Fred F. Field Holstein
Company", makers of leather boots, shoes and slippers from around 1891.

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