Boston, Mass. Commercial Wharf - 1930

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Boston, Mass. Commercial Wharf
Boston, Mass. Commercial Wharf. There is a lot to describe in this image, and it takes a lot of time to do the research, but that is part of the fun of putting these images online.

  • At the bottom-center there are 2 boys, the left one standing and wearing shorts and possibly knee-socks. The other boy is bent over at the waist, possibly tying his shoe.
  • At the left side of the image, under the "el", there is a horse-drawn tank wagon, possibly spraying water on the street.
  • At the right-center there are 3 railroad boxcars.
    - The boxcar on the right reads, "B.A.R." which stands for "Bangor & Aroostook Railroad Co.", not "Boston & Albany Railroad". The number "1800" is below the "B.A.R." letters.
    - The boxcar in the middle reads, "Maine Central", and also "Eastman Heater", which was a heating system to protect the potatos from spoiling. Above this lettering, there is a "Maine Central Railroad" sign or stencil.
  • To the left and under the "el" again, there are 4 men crossing the street. They might be wearing uniforms.
  • More to the left and at the end of the small rail yard and train shed, there is a street. There is a building there with a white sign that reads, "TO LET". The building beside this train yard has many signs on it, but they are all unreadable.
  • Back to the building beside the 3 rail boxcars now. There are several signs there. The first is, "Commercial Wharf" just below that double-curved top floor window.
  • Three floors down from that, at the top of the 1st floor, there is a sign that reads, "Engines - Gray-Aldrich Co., Inc. - ???". Gray-Aldrich Co. built gasoline and marine engines and hoists. They had several addresses at Commercial Wharf and at 84 Atlantic Ave, Boston, and also at 47 Mt. Bowdoin Terrace, Grove Hall, Dorchester, Mass. Chester Stanley Aldrich was Treasurer.
  • To the right of that there is a sign above the 3rd floor windows that reads, "Berry, Dodge and MacKusick Co.", coffee and tea importers.
    BostCommWharf-BerryDodge-and-MacKusickCo2.jpg     BostCommWharf-BerryDodge-and-MacKusickCo-2a.jpg
  • Next to the right and down a floor, there is a sign in the window that may read, "Colombian Pipe Company".
  • Next to the right and up 2 floors, there is a sign that reads, "Wilson and Co.", partly covering the 3 windows. No info on this business.
  • 2 floors down from that are the address #'s "36" and "40", I think.
  • Back across the street there is a building with 2 signs standing on the roof.
    The sign on the right is unreadable.
    The left sign is for "U.S. Royal Cord Tires are good tires.", showing a couple of tires
  • Next to that is the "Prince Macaroni Mfg. Co., Inc." building.
    The 3-story tall sign painted on the side of the building reads,
    "Telephone Richmond 1500
    Prince Macaroni Mfg. Co., Inc.
    From Factory To Table
    Manufacturers of
    Macaroni, Spaghetti, etc.".
    On the front of the building between the 2nd and 3rd floor, there is a sign that reads, "Prince Macaroni Manufacturing Co., Inc.", and below the 2nd floor windows, level with the "el" tracks there are signs that read, "Highest" - "Quality" - "Products" - "????".
  • Back across the street, on the 2nd building behind the 3 boxcars, there are 2 signs that read, "Foster Bros. Mfg. Co." and "Metal Bedsteads".
  • The next building behind that has a large white sign that reads, "Quincy Market Cold Storage and ????".
  • Then beyond this building, and across the street again, there is a building with signs that read (in part) "Quincy Market ??? - Bonded and ??? - W????EHOL ???", mostly blocked by other buildings.
  • ...and finally, to the left side of the image, behind the church steeple and to the left of the water tower, is the "Boston & Maine Railroad" building.

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