Boston, Mass., Washington St. Car #2268

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Boston, Mass., Washington St. Car #2268
The writing on the bottom of the image reads, "Wash. St. from Temple Pl. North - Jun. 26, '05".

I will describe this busy image as best I can, starting with the central streetcar, then going from the lower-left of the image.

  • The front of the streetcar reads, "2268 South Boston" around the headlight. The sign above the windshield reads, "North Station", and the curved banner above that reads, "Broadway Extension". The rolling sign above the open side doors reads, "North Station".
  • The next streetcar has a sign above the windshield that reads, "Adams Square via Columbus Avenue" and the curved banner at the top reads, "Back Bay Station & Roxbury Crossing". Between these 2 signs, and it looks like it is inside the cupola window, there is a sign that reads, "Forest Hills".
  • On the left of the image there is a group of women on the sidewalk. I have just observed that every woman in this image is wearing a hat.
  • The boy selling newspapers is wearing high socks and short pants. He also has a cane hanging from his back pants pocket.
  • There is a sign on the 2nd floor of the building in front of him that reads, "The Busiest Corner on Boston's Busiest Street", to the left of the "Clothing on Credit" sign. I believe that building is the "Filene's" store.
  • Further down there are 2 vertical signs reading, "Empire" and "Diamonds".
  • The next building is "Talbot's".
  • Across Washington Street from Talbot's is The Lowney Chocolate Co. The vertical sign above the 2nd streetcar show its location.
  • That is The Old South Church in front of the 2nd streetcar.
  • At the top of that building is a sign on the side of the upper 2 floors reading, "A. Shuma...???, Cloth...?? & Out...???, Shuma...??? Corne...??".
  • The sineage on that side of the street is in shadow and is not readable back up towards the front of the street car. There is a vertical sign and probably reads, "Dentist", and a couple of other signs or awnings that I can make out some letters, but not enough to make any sense.
  • The sign above the street-level business right beside the main streetcar reads, "C.A.W. Crosby & Son". The namesake was Charles August Wilkins Crosby, and it was a jewelry business. There is a woman wearing a white shirt, and in front of her is a window sign in the entrance to that store that reads, "Graduation...???".

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