Forest Hills Station

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Forest Hills Station, Jamaica Plain, Mass.
Forest Hills Station, Jamaica Plain, Mass. - looking Eastward towards downtown Boston.

I grew up not too far from here, and spent a lot of time here waiting for a train or a bus, or a ride home. I walked home from here in 1960 during a blizzard, after my Mom's 1953 Buick Special couldn't go any further.
Here's a link to my story about that - "Yeah, He's The Lone Ranger!"

Going clockwise from the lower-left:
  • The car is #0836, and the window placard reads, "Everett"
  • Behind and to the left of the small "house" behind that car, there is a man walking across the tracks. He seems to have a sack over his right shoulder.
  • There is a line of 6 cars at the center of the image. There are 2 house-like buildings behind them, and looking between them you can see a 4-floor brick building. There is a sign on this building that reads, "The Forest Hills Storage and Warehouse Co.". This business was begun in June, 1911. I "Googled" this and found a book with the description, "They occupy a modern building of mill construction type, four stories in height, and have a capacity for 250 carloads of merchandise. They handle largely flour, cereal products, canned goods and general merchandise of non-flammable character and in their delivery and shipping departments use motor trucks."
  • At the lower-right of the image you can see "Hat Off's" gas station. The oval sign reads, "Colonial ESSO Dealer", and the sign over the station reads, "Hat Off's - A Real Service Station" ForestHillsSta-HatOffs

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    To the left side of the gas station area, there is a car on either side of the gas pumps. On the left there is a guy putting the gas cap on (or off) just in front of the windshield of the car. They used to put the gas tank at the firewall!
    To the right of that there are 2 men standing, one with his back to the camera (Hey! Turn around!) and his hands on his hips, and the guy to his right, wearing a suit and his hands in his pockets.
  • There is a man on the sidewalk just between the "el" and the building beside Hat Off's. He is walking away from the camera, and there are several tires on the sidewalk and leaning against the storefront.

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