Malden, Mass. Special Car #1003

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Malden, Mass. Special Car #1003
Malden, Mass. Special Car #1003.

This image was scanned from a print made from a print of a copy negative I made back around 1981. You can just make out the metal tabs holding the original print to my copyboard.

The car number, "1003", is on the step riser just beside the knee of the man in the white hat and shirt, tie and suspenders, near the front of the car.

The sign on the front of the car reads, "Volunteers of America - Childrens Outing - Malden, Mass.".

A lot of the kids on the cars have tin horns and whistles, and many have American flags.

There are 2 boys hanging off the rear of the car, wearing what look like baseball uniforms with an "S" on them.

The awning behind the front of the car might say "Oliver Walton", but can find no specific info about the business.

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