Portsmouth, RI Car #577

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Portsmouth, RI Car #577
This image is a scan of a print from a copy-negative I made back around 1981, of the original print. The original print had the following written on the back, "Old Colony St., Portsmouth, RI".
Upon doing some "Googling", I have found that there was an Old Colony & Newport Railway, but I don't think this car was part of that system.

The sign at the top-side of car #577 reads, "Newport, Tiverton & Fall River".

After doing a bit more "Googling", I have found some more information about this image. The name of the company was " Newport, Tiverton & Fall River Electric Street Railway".

Here is a link to a bit more info and an older image on Facebook:
Rhode Island Memories. The image there is certainly older than this one.

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