Pt. Shirley, Winthrop, Mass. Transportation

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Pt. Shirley, Winthrop, Mass. Transportation - #1
Pt. Shirley, Winthrop, Mass. Transportation.

Point Shirley is located directly off the end of runways at Boston's Logan Int'l Airport. The map on the right is a 1939 map showing the bus route in Pt. Shirley.
Point Shirley, Mass. map1     Point Shirley, Mass. map2

This image was scanned from a copy print I made from a 4"x5" copy negative I had made from the original print, back around 1981.

The comment written on the print reads, "929 (orig. image no.?) - Pt. Shirley Transportation".

The vehicle is very heavy-duty, with dual wheels in back.

Hanging just behind the 2 spare tires, which are tied to the runningboard and fender, there is what looks to me like a small-sized version of the old-time iron weight that wagon drivers used to keep their horses from running off. It was clipped to a strap that was clipped to the bridle of the horse, and dropped on the ground. I don't know what else this object might be, and if it is this weight, what it is tied there for. ...unless it is maybe a bell, that just clangs constantly as the "bus" drives along?

...note:  I just did a bit more "Googling", and came up with "tether/hitch weight", "stayput", "pester", "harness brake". I guess you called it whatever you wanted, so long as it worked! I happen to have one that my Dad and I have always used in place of an anvil. I think it weighs about 30 lbs.

The driver is wearing a golf-style hat, coat, vest, shirt and tie, and his coat has a button or small badge on the lapel.
The Conductor, standing on the runningboard, is wearing a suit as well, with a similar button on his lapel, and a conductor's hat.
The passenger in the 2nd row seat looks like a "V.I.P.", and could be played by actor Charles Durning, in build and look.  (LOL)  He is wearing a vest, with watch chain/fob, and a bowtie and derby. He also has a lapel pin, but it resembles possibly a pair of wings, rather than a button.
The 3rd row passenger is a Sergeant, but I don't know his exact rank. Here is a closeup of his patch:
- and the closest I could finds is this:
- but I think that is an eagle in the upper image, not a winged propeller.

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