Pt. Shirley, Winthrop, Mass. Transportation - #2

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Pt. Shirley, Winthrop, Mass. Transportation - #2
Pt. Shirley, Winthrop, Mass. Transportation - #2.

As you can see from the maps I provided with the previous image of Point Shirley, it is a unique area, sitting right off the end of the runways of Logan Int'l Airport.

This amazing image is of the arrival of the Point Shirley Street Railway line's first streetcar, being delivered on a horse-drawn wagon!

The writing on the image reads, "1st Car for Pt. Shirley - 1b (image # maybe?) - Aug 26, 1910".

The sign along the top-side of the new streetcar reads in part, "Point Shirley and Winthrop Beach (I think, and...) ?????".

The "Sing Lee Laundry" sign is beside the front of the streetcar, just to the left of an awning with "Ice Cream" on the front edge.

I have included some interesting images and descriptions I found in a article about Winthrop, Massachusetts. The images are about half-way down the article.

In this first image, please take notice of the writing on the picture itself. I think it is the same as the writing on the image I am presenting! It reads, "#1 - Driving 1st spike - Point Shirley Railway. Aug. 4, 1910.". PtShirley2-clipping-1.jpg



The writing on this image reads, "Point Shirley - R.R. Terminal".


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