The Roaring 20's?

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The Roaring 20's?
I have been referring to this image as "The Roaring 20's" because of the clothing, but I'm not sure that is correct. It might be earlier than the 1920's.

The sign on the business to the rear of the streetcar reads, "Kimball's Variety and Store", I think. The "and" is not clear at all.

There is a sign under the overhang that reads, "Visit our 5 and 10¢ Counter", and below that a sign that reads, "Post Cards".

At the front corner of that building, there is a sign that reads, " Ice Cream Soda", and directly below that, painted on the window it reads, "??? Soda & C????".

The number on the streetcar front reads in part, "33??", being blocked by an unreadable poster covering part of it.

The only other distinctive item I can find in this image is the metal pitcher, which looks to be about 3-gallons in size, that is sitting directly on the cow catcher at the front of the car. It seems to have a wooden handle sticking up out of it, such as a brush, to apply whatever is in the pitcher.

As it seems that a frown is the normal practice back in those "good ol' days", the only person in this picture who is smiling is this young girl, with her plaid jumper and big hat, seated towards the rear of the car!

...oh...  and EVERYONE is wearing a hat!

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