Uphams Corner, Dorchester Station, Mass.

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Uphams Corner, Dorchester Station, Mass.
Uphams Corner, Dorchester Station, Mass.

The small sign on the fence at the lower-left of the image reads, "No Tresspassing - Police Take Notice - Boston Elevated Railway".

The 2nd car from the left side reads, "Uphams", and is car #5932.

The front car in the 3rd row from the left is car #5241 and reads, "No Stops".

The next car to the right reads, "No Stops", and is car #5559. There is a poster on the front of the car, and I can make out that is about beer, and there is a bottle on the image, but I can't see any more details of it.

The next row of cars is headed by a car that reads, "Snow Plow".

On the brick barn to the right of the parked streetcars, above the closed doors, there are some numbers in the stonework that might read, "1915", but there are some shadows and wiring and poor focus that are partly obsuring it.

There is a bus just leaving the rear of the station yard. Notice the big piles of snow all around the street.

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