Washington Ave., Malden, Revere, Chelsea, Mass.

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Washington Ave., Malden, Revere, Chelsea, Mass.
Washington Ave., Malden, Revere, Chelsea, Mass.

The streetcar is #1369 and has "Washington Av." at the top.
There are 2 posters on the front.
The left one reads, "??? Trolley - Mechanics ??? - Boston - Mechanics Exposition - Now Open". The poster is slightly folded on the upper right side, so not very readable.
The right poster reads in part, "Gordon's ???? Wonderful Monkey Circus".

Along the right side of the image, near to far:
  • At the top of the building below the cornice and dentil, "County Savings Bank Building".
  • Sign standing out from the next shop front, "J. Drinkwater Electric 15¢ Massage".
  • Political poster above this shop:
  • On the awning next door, "All Shoes 5???".
  • Next to that, "N. Fragopulos", the corner grocery store.
  • I just now spotted a street sign on the wall above the grocery store that reads, "Broadway"!
  • Next is the intersecting street that I just now managed to find the street sign for, "Bellingham Street"...
         Bellingham Street sign
    ...which I got by scanning the original print to a massive 2.43 GB image file, and enlarging and tweaking it a LOT! So the photographer was standing about at the Southern end of Washington Ave., Chelsea, where Hawthorne St. now begins, and Broadway angles off towards the right just beyond Bellingham St. I believe the clock on the left sidewalk in my image is still standing, without the apothecary motar and pestle on the top. It is now on a small island at the junction of Hawthorne, Broadway, Bellingham, Washington and 5th streets - "Bellingham Square". I can't find any building that looks the same as in my image.
  • On the far side of Bellingham St., there are signs in the 2nd-floor windows, "???Stewart ??Tailors", "(Hand) Made Suits - $18-$25 - Cleaning - Pressing".
Along the left side of the image:
  • There is the above-mentioned sidewalk clock with the mortar and pestle on top. It reads, "1:03" p.m. Below the clockface, it might read, "??E. M. Company", "489", and above the clockface, "??ONY", maybe? The current clock has "Chelsea" printed on the face.

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