Boulevard Car #915

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Boulevard Car #915
I don't have a location for this image.

The trolley is running beneath an elevated rail system.

The store window at the left reads, "C. Fritzel & Son Delicatessen".
The man standing there has an umbrella hanging on his left arm, and he is holding a small paper in his hands and is smoking a cigarette.

In the window behind him, there are pyramids of cans of what I have established as "Lion Brand Condensed Milk", by greatly enlarging the hi-res scan, and doing some Google-searching.


There is a light-colored sign on the building beside the trolley, seen to the left of the face of the conductor standing on the side step. After enlarging the hi-res scan and adjusting the brightness and contrast a lot, I think is reads, "High Grade Meats - Special Sales Every Day"

I cannot make out anything on the advertising signs that are on the inside curve of the roof of the car.

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