East Candia, New Hampshire handcar

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East Candia, New Hampshire handcar
East Candia, New Hampshire handcar

The man on the left has a knife in a scabbard hanging on his thigh.
He also has what appears to me as the butt of a pistol sticking out of his back pocket.
Just in front of his feet, there is a pile of clothing, probably their jackets, etc., and some tools.

The man in the middle is holding on to the rear pumping handle of the car. Just in front of his hand, there are 2 shovels standing up against the framework.
Just to the left of his feet, there is a big hammer on the deck.

The man on the right has something stuck into the rolled-up sleeve of his shirt on his left arm, probably a pack of "Luckies" (Lucky Strike cigarettes).
He is holding on to the handle of a pick, which is standing next to a shovel leaning against the pump handle frame.

Each man seems to have a chain hanging on is hip and going into a pocket, most likely a watch chain.

There are what looks like several pry bars and other tools and possibly some repair parts laying on the deck of the handcar.

Laying on the ground just in front of the stationhouse, there is what appears to be a long wooden carrying device with handles at both ends, similar to a stretcher, but much longer, used to carry some large, but light, objects, I'm guessing. It looks to be about 8 to 10 feet long.

At the far left, there looks to be a man wearing a white jersey, standing behind the corral fence.

I just found this image and info at East Candia, A Walking Tour - Published by Candia Heritage Commission, September 2013:


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