Portland and Ogdensburg Railroad Engine #1

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Portland and Ogdensburg Railroad Engine #1
P.&O. R.R. Engine #1, named "Presumpscot" (a river in Maine).

This image is a scan from a print that I made back around 1980, by making a 4"x5" copy negative from an old original print, because the original negative was not available.

I learned the name of this railroad after many Google searches, when I found The California Digital Library, and this image of the Willey Brook Bridge P. & O. R.R. Crawford Notch N. H.. I enlarged the image to its highest ability, saved it to my computer, and tweaked it enough so I could read the sign on the engine enough to do another search and finally find the name of the company.

Here is a map of the P.&O. line I found at www.history-map.com.

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