South Station, Boston, Massachusetts

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South Station, Boston, Massachusetts
South Station, Boston, Mass. - 1940's.

The engine on the right is #645.

The 2nd engine from the right is #652.

The 3rd engine from the right is #3641.

I was interested in this very stern, tough-looking man standing very threateningly with a steel bar in his hands.
There is something hanging from his pocket, and I re-scanned the image at a very high scan rate to focus on that man alone, and hopefully get a clearer look at what that might be.
Well, after making a 161 MB file from that small portion of the image, and tweaking the contrast and brightness, I still can't make out exactly what it is.
It looks to me to possibly be a roll of something, maybe tape, hanging on a wire, that is attached to what is definitely a buckle, like on a belt, that is stuffed into his pocket.
          tough guy closeup

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