Logging Series Proof Sheet
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log-01-sm    log-02-sm    log-03-sm    log-04-sm    log-05-sm

   log-06-sm    log-07-sm    log-08-sm    log-09-sm    log-10-sm

   log-11-sm    log-12-sm    log-13-sm    log-14-sm    log-15-sm

   log-16-sm    log-17-sm    log-18-sm    log-19-sm    log-20-sm
I don't know very much about this set of images, sorry.
They were handed to me as a "set", and I printed them for my client.
They were film negs, not glass plates, probably shot in the early 1940's.
He had found them at an estate sale in an old trunk.
I no-longer have contact with him, and I'm sure he didn't have any knowledge at all of this set of images.

A couple of the pix have women in them, standing back away from the work, just looking on.
This gives me the impression that this is a family business.
In many of the pics, the men are using "cant hooks" or maybe "peavies" it's hard to see them to be sure.
- per WikipediA: "A cant hook is a traditional logging tool consisting of a wooden lever handle
with a movable metal hook called a dog at one end, used for handling and turning logs and cants,
especially in sawmills. Unlike the similar peavey, the cant hook has a blunt tip, often bearing teeth."

cant-hook-1                              peavey-1

A cant is a partially sawn log with at least one flat side.
That is, you can have a one-sided cant (sawn on one side only and the other three sides still round),
a two sided cant (sawn on two sides, usually opposite sides), three sided, and four sided.


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